What a great idea!

You are off to Spain / Mexico …a Spanish-speaking country.

You want to have a good time, but would like to brush up some rusty Spanish, or start from scratch.

BUT .. you do not fancy doing lessons on your own, or going through the hassle of going to classes. You’d prefer to stay at home and learn in a small group of your friends.

SO WHY NOT? ….get together with some mates and organise, say, six one hour webinars (or meetings online). Have some fun while learning. What’s more the lessons will be recorded so you can play them over again and again and again! The best language learning comes from repetition.

To sum up:-

  1. Learn Spanish in a fun way with some friends
  2. Stay at home – no lessons to go to
  3. Tailored content – just what you want to learn
  4. When YOU want (subject to availability)


First hour session is free.

One hour session for two people is £32.00. A series of ten sessions for two prebooked is £275.00

One hour session for three people is £39.00. A series of ten sessions for three prebooked is £300.00

Payment is by paypal or internet banking.

For clients outside the UK, the pricing is the equivalent in your local currency to the £ figures quoted above.

Please get in contact using the form below for any questions you may have.

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