DECIR is the twenty-seventh most common word in the Spanish language.

This two-syllable irregular verb is, like its predecessor at number 26 in the top one hundred Spanish words, HACER, an absolute must-learn. It could be argued that this word is like a cornerstone of your language learning. It is a sturdy buttress to the foundations of your language learning that will ensure a solid base. Again, as a top language learning tip, ensure that you know this absolute blockbuster (apologies in advance for mixing my building metaphors.

DECIR means to say or to tell.

DECIR is an irregular verb which has a dozen or so different shades of meaning according to my trusty Collins English-Spanish dictionary.

It is important for language learners to know the key parts of the verb and in the post I am going to set out what I consider to be the essential parts of this verb. I am deliberately concentrating on the “I” form (known grammatically as the first person).

1. Digo – I say or I am saying / I tell or I am telling

2. Dije – I said or I told

3. Diré – I will say or I will tell

These do not follow any pattern or formulaic rules (I think that might be why I am slightly attracted to them!)

Here are some quick examples of use of this essential key verb.

¡Digo la verdad, DECIR es un verbo importante! – I am telling the truth, DECIR is an important verb.

Dije que no lo conozco – I said that I do not know him.

There it is then the twenty-seventh most common word in the Spanish language. Know it and know it well!

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