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SE is the ninth most common word in the Spanish language.

This monosyllable has a varied and flexible life, and is very frequently on the tongues of Spanish speakers.

SE means (to) him, (to) her, (to) them, (to) you and also himself, herself, themselves, yourself and yourselves.

Well, that is quite a selection and I didn’t say it would be easy, did I?

SE is defined in various ways in the dictionary, but its main definition is a personal pronoun and as a reflexive pronoun.

When I say varied, it certainly is. There are some 5 differing shades of meaning indicated in the dictionary, but below I will give the key ones.

voy a dárselo – I am going to give it to him (or her, or you, or them – depending on the context.

Juan se lava – Juan washes (himself)

So there we have the busy bee life of the ninth most common word in the Spanish language – SE.

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