High frequency words in Spanish – 6


The word “en” is the sixth most frequent word in the Spanish language.

This one syllable word has a variety of possible meanings and translations into English (my dictionary has nine variations and shades of meaning). The key meanings are “on” or “in”.

“En” is a preposition.

Here are some examples of the use of “en”.

Mi casa está en Granada (my house is in Granada). For an audio clip, click below.

Mi libro está en la mesa ( my book is on the table). For an audio clip, click below.

For more advanced students in the two examples, note the use of the verb estar in the two examples for location.

En is pronounced as it looks “en”.

The preposition “en”, meaning in or on, amongst other things, is number six in the top one hundred Spanish words.

Click below for an audio clip of this post.

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