High Frequency Words in Spanish – number 4


Coming in at number four in the top 100 High frequency Spanish words is “y”.

“Y” means “and” in English.

It is a conjunction.

My dictionary lists five different types of use, but for the beginner, let’s face it again this is an obvious simple must-learn. “Y” is a sine qua non (for non latin speakers, and there are quite a few out there given the Roman empire’s demise a few years back, that means indispensable)

Example of use:

Voy a Madrid y a Londres. (I am going to Madrid and London). Another teacher type note – notice that London changes to Londres in Spanish.

The pronuciation is “ee”.

So there it is number four in the top one hundred Spanish words.

The clip below is an audio version of this post.



High frequency word in Spanish Number 5 – A

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