25 done – 75 to go!

This is also a bit of a milestone in this series of posts and podcasts – one quarter of a century completed, and three quarters of a century to go. The reference to a century is prompted by my love of cricket. For the initiated, you will know what I am talking about. For the unitiated, don’t worry!

Producing these podcasts and writing the posts is, I suppose, a lot like like learning a language. Lots of baby footsteps, consisitently completed over a series of time. Slowly, but surely, building onwards and upwards. As I am sure a Chinese philosopher once said – each journey starts with one step. Each of these high frequency words in Spanish is just a simple baby step. One, after one, after one. But learning a language is not a race, but something to be savoured and enjoyed over time. Indeed, it is an ongoing task – perhaps the task of a whole life time to really become imbued with the subtleties and human frivolity of language.

And, life is full of surprises, some big, some little. Here is one that has just happened. I use the iPad app Wordfoto to produce the, erm, word photos at the beginning of each post. The one I have just created can be read as “or” on the background but also “oro”. And, of course, “oro” means gold in Spanish. ¡Qué suerte! (what luck).

…and now, back to the script!

O is the twenty fifth most common word in the Spanish Language.

What a lovely rounded word! This is really a one syllable cracker of a word. Short, simple and to the point and entirely appropriate its meaning, and, come to that, its purpose in life.

O is a conjunction.

means “or”. It can also be an abbreviation for “west” (oeste in Spanish).

O can be used in exactly the same way as in English.

Here are some examples of its use:-

Tiene 7 o 8 años – he is 7 or eight years old.

There it is then – short post entirely befitting a short word – o the twenty fifth most common word in the Spanish language.

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