Como is the sixteenth most common word in the Spanish language.

Como is defined grammatically as an adverb. The two syllable word has some eight different shades of meaning according to my dictionary, and therefore can present something of a challenge to a student who is starting to learn Spanish.

In the spirit of this series of posts, I am going to keep the definition simple and fairly restricted.Como means like in English or such as.

Here are a couple of examples of the use of como

Luis Suárez juega como un idiota – Luis Suárez plays like an idiot.

(a reference to a recent event when Liverpool striker Suárez bit the ear of an opponent).

Luis Suárez no tiene ventajas como la paciencia y autocontrol – Luis Suárez has no advantagessuch as patience and self-control

(sorry to go on about it!)

To conclude, como, a a crsip two syllable adverb, meaning like or such as is the sixteenth most frequently used word in the Spanish language.

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