con with

Con is the 13th most frequent word in the Spanish language. Con is a preposition.

Con in its simplest meaning is with in English, but, as ever, with these little Spanish monosyllables, there is a whole range of shades of meaning. My dictionary, for example, comes up with a whole range – 12 to be precise.

To the English speaker’s ear, this word is slightly odd. No – it has nothing to do with con, or con artists, or, come to that, the mafia. No con is a much more friendly and cosy word than that!

Here are some examples of the use of con.

Voy a ir al teatro con mi amigo – I am going to the theatre with my friend.

¡Vamos a la playa con tus amigos ingleses! – Let’s go to the beach with your English friends!

One of my favourite uses of con is in the following example:-

Sueño con mi mujer – I dream about my wife. I simply love the fact that in Spanish you dreamwith your wife. It struck me forcefully when I was a young romantic Englishman getting to grips with Spanish. That feeling is still with me today!

Well, there it is number 13 in the top one hundred Spanish words. Not unlucky at all!

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