para for

Para is the fifteenth most common word in the Spanish language. It is a preposition.

Para is a two-syllable word which can cause difficulties for the English maternal tongue speaker. Coupled with number twelve in the list of the most frequently used words in the Spanish language,por, it is responsible for countless grammatical set-pieces and keeps Spanish teachers in a job!

The essence of the problem is that both por and para can be translated by for.

My dictionary has some eight different ways of translating the word para, but for simplicity’s sake, it is easiest to remember that para means for.

Here are some examples of the use of para

Esta hamburguesa es para mí – this hamburger is for me.

Para qué sirve? – What is it for?

So there we have it – a problematical two-syllable preposition which comes in at number 15 in the most common words in the Spanish language.

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