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We offer a wide range of language learning options at Steven French Languages

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK, Steven French Languages (SFL) offers bespoke French, Spanish and English tuition.

For exams (GCSE, A level, DELE, DELF), business, pleasure.

Online or 1 to 1.

Language tuition for GCSE, and A level students – results driven.

GCSE French, GCSE Spanish. A level French and A level Spanish.

IGCSE French and IGCSE Spanish.

Bespoke adult language tuition

For work, for exams, for pleasure. French, Spanish and English as a foreign language.


English as a foreign language

For work, for exams, for pleasure. Residential options are available – Residential English in Harpenden

Location / Online

Face to face in our Harpenden office.  Increasingly popular is the online option.


Professional, bespoke and friendly.


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The world of SFL

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Why use Steven French Languages?

1. Language tuition for GCSE, and A level students – results driven. GCSE French, Spanish, Italian. A level French and Spanish

2. Bespoke adult language tuition – for work, for exams, for pleasure. French, Spanish, Italian.

3. Face to face or online.

4. Professional and friendly.

What is Steven French Languages?

Steven French Languages has been set up with one purpose – to help people from all areas of life to learn French, Spanish and Italian at a level and pace appropriate to their requirements.

The company is based in Harpenden in Hertfordshire and provides French, Spanish and Italian language tuition services to the north Hertfordshire and south Bedfordshire areas.

In addition to face to face tuition in French, Spanish and Italian in Harpenden, Steven French Languages offers an online bespoke language service. Online French teaching, online Spanish teaching and online Italian is provided from a Hertfordshire UK base.

Steven French Languages also specialises in online English teaching. Again, at a pace and level appropriate to clients’ needs and wishes.

GCSE French, GCSE Spanish, “A” level French, “A” Spanish in Harpenden

Steven French has taught French and Spanish over the last two decades – in three state schools in the UK. In my last teaching, post Steven French was Head of Spanish at Roundwood Park School in Harpenden.

GCSE French, GCSE Spanish, “A” level French, “A” level Spanish are the specialist areas for school students. On this site, you will find materials to help you with your studies. Click on some of the links – have fun!

If you are studying French or Spanish in one of the Harpenden schools or St Albans schools and feel you need a boost – get in contact.

Italian is also offered up to GCSE.

Business French / Business Spanish

Steven French worked in a large international bank for 12 years (with experience of the French and Spanish markets and large infrastructure projects) and Steven French Languages is happy in tailoring a business French language course or a business Spanish language course to the needs of clients.

French for pleasure / Spanish for pleasure

Tailored French and Spanish sessions for pleasure, leisure and travel are offered.  Face to face French or Spanish tuition in Harpenden with Steven French Languages is fun, intellectually stimulating and invigorating!

Perhaps you own a property in Spain or France , or fancy travelling to Latin America or French speaking Africa. Why not brush up your French or Spanish?

We also offer a bespoke  Italian service tailored to clients’ needs and requirements.

Spanish tuition / French tuition – online / face to face

Face to face tuition service is available in the AL5 postcode in Hertfordshire.

French,  Spanish is offered online – in any of the areas above – GCSE French, GCSE Spanish, “A” level French, “A” level Spanish, Business French, Business Spanish, French for pleasure and Spanish for pleasure.

Steven French Languages also offers GCSE Italian, business Italian and Italian for pleasure.

English as a foreign language

Steven French Languages also offers online English as a foreign language as an option. English language tuition for business or for pleasure or for exam purposes. For more information, please click here.

Get in contact for a flexible, friendly, and bespoke language service based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Please use the contact form below with any questions / comments you may have.


It’s that time of year.

Stress levels rise. Tempers fray. Revision gets done …or not as the case may be.

GCSE SPANISH / “A” level Spanish – we’re here to help at Steven French Languages.

Online tuition can be a very effective way of easing those last minute nerves, especially when sixth form places or university places are at stake.

We are specialists in Spanish GCSE revision. Just get in contact and see if we can help. Online tuition is effective in so many different ways:-

  1. no time lost travelling
  2. tailored effective one on one lessons
  3. held at mutually convenient times.

The same comments, of course, apply to “A” level revision, both AS and A2 revision.

So, the best ways to get in contact are:-

  • by email
  • by text 44 7713 2525958
  • by speaking (!) on 44 7713 252 958

As a SPECIAL OFFER – the first one hour session is FREE. This offer lasts until the end of April.


Contact Steven French 44 7713 252958