Language musings 01


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What an amazing resource Twitter is. Lots of people, including many language teachers, don’t “get it”. Well, in my book, they are missing a trick.

Here is an example:

It is through twitter that I became aware of the debate raging in France over spelling reform. It provided me with some great material for my adult students (sûr vs sur) and my more mature “A” level students.

This is my favourite tweet picture to come out of the polemic so far. Slightly risqué, but “spot on” for the right students(s).

Sur ta soeur

Humour and grammar in one fell swoop – what more could a languages teacher ask for?

Here are a few more pictures I have plucked from the internet to illustrate the point further.

Du rizharicovertDe l'eau

Fun – yes! Possible use in a teaching context. Absolutely!

The last picture is perhaps more controversial, but again, something to introduce to students to get them thinking – the register of language and politics amongst them!


Click on this link, and you will get the flavour of the discussion.

A bientôt (note the circumflex!).




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