High Frequency Word in Spanish 55 – DOS


Dos is the fifty-fifth most common word in the Spanish language.

Dos is, in technical grammatical terms, is a cardinal numeral and an ordinal numeral. So, let’s unpack what these terms mean.

Firstly, dos can be translated into English as either “two” or “second”. When dos means “two”, it is a cardinal numeral. When dos means “second”, it is an ordinal numeral.

Here are etwo xamples of dos as a cardinal

dos más dos son cuatro = two and two are four

uno, dos, tres, cuatro = one, two, three, four

An example of dos as an ordinal

el dos de mayo = the second of May

dos de mayo

This picture is the “Dos de mayo” by Goya.

It hangs in the Prado in Madrid.



Dos, as the fifty-fifth most frequently used in Spanish, is a tale of two numbers, a cardinal and an ordinal. The same word in Spanish, different words in English – this is the beauty and interest of studying a language.

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