High Frequency Word in Spanish 53 – HASTA


Hasta is the fifty-third most common word in the Spanish language.

This two-syllable is a preposition.

My Collins Spanish – English dictionary gives a number of differing translations, and the best, to my mind , are “until” or “to”.

Of course, this word is best known to Anglo-Saxon ears, in the expression made (in)famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger, “hasta la vista, baby”. I must confess to not having seen the film that the expression is from, but it has formed a prominent part in my Spanish lessons (especially amongst adolescent boys) when the  hasta la vista expression cropped up.

Hasta la vista literally means “until the sight” … but is perhaps rendered best into English as “see you soon”.

Here are two examples of the use of hasta

Hasta martes – see you on Tuesday (literally “until Tuesday”)

trabajo desde las nueve hasta las cinco – I work nine to five

Hasta then is the 53rd most frequently used word in the Spanish language. ¡Hasta pronto, amigos!

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