High Frequency Word in Spanish 50 – MISMO


Mismo is the fiftieth most common word in the Spanish language.

I am so pleased to have reached the 50th podcast on this blog and I have enjoyed the journey! I can also see that hits and views of the podcasts are on the rise. Thank you for your support!

Yes I’m now half way towards my aim of one hundred podcasts on the topic of the most frequently used words in Spanish. And, that feels good! Some six weeks ago I began this task with some trepidation. Now, I am well on the way!

I mentioned when I hit the 25th broadcast that doing this series of podcasts was something like learning a language – it certainly is. When learning a language you are continuously absorbing new material. Whenever I read or listen to Spanish or French, I’m constantly aware of,  and, indeed, am reminded of, new contexts and new words. It is in this way that the learning a foreign language never stops, and, that is one of its delights.

So, if you’re just starting out learning a language – stick at it. If you done a little bit, also stick at it and put yourself out just a little bit more. What did I hear at the gym once…!

So, let’s return to the 50th most common word in the Spanish language. That word is mismo.

Mismo is both an adjective and an adverb.

For those people who speak a little French, the French word même is in fact the same word as mismo. The circumflex on the E is just showing the missing S. Whilst, I am hesitant to make this into a French lesson, another example of this forest (la forêt).

My reliable Collins English Spanish dictionary has quite a range of translations, and the best translations to commit to memory are is “same” or “self”.

Here are two examples of this type of use.

Vivo en la misma calle – I live in the same street (change to misma because calle is feminine).

yo mismo – I myself

Well that’s half a century done and half a century to go! Bring it on ! (as some of my students might say).

Mismo then is the 50th most common word in the Spanish language and this two syllable word marks the half way stage in the journey to the 100 most common words in the Spanish language.

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