High Frequency Word in Spanish 48 – MI


Mi is the fourty eighth most common word in the Spanish language.

Mi, without an accent, simply means “my”. In this context, it is, in technical grammatical terms, a possessive adjective.

with an accent means “me”. Here is being used a pronoun.

Have you ever really noticed how these slight vowel changes have a huge impact on the meaning of the word and its function in the sentence? The human mind and ear are amazing bits of equipment!

When mi is acting as a possessive adjective, it is mi in the singular and mis in the plural.

Here are examples:-

Mi reloj – my watch

Mis bolis – my biros, my pens

And here is an example of the use of mí, with an accent.

Para – for me.

So, there it is, number 48 in the top 100 Spanish words. A short, punchy, monosyllable with two meanings to its name. All power to its elbow!

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