High Frequency Word in Spanish 43 – VEZ


Vez is the forty fourth most common word in the Spanish Language.

Don’t be put off by that Z in the word. The pronunciation of the word varies, according to where you are in the world. In the north of Spain and Madrid, for example, the word would be pronounced “veth”. This is known as the “ceceo”. In the south of Spain and throughout Latin America the word would, in fact, be pronounced “ves”. This is an example of the “seseo”.

Vez is a feminine noun and the best translation into English is “time”.

My trusty Collins Spanish-English dictionary has four different translations for the word  vez, but the following couple of example give a good feeling for its meaning.

Note the spelling change when the z is replaced by a c in the plural.

Muchas veces – often (literally – many times)

Una vez fui a Madrid – once (literally – one time) I went to Madrid

Vez is the 43rd most common word in Spanish words. This is definitely one to lock away and learn – not once but forever!

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