High Frequency Word in Spanish 42 – SIN


SIN is the 42nd most common word in the Spanish language.

It is one of those words which are learned by lots and lots of Anglo-Saxon children learning how to say still water – the expression is “agua sin gas”.

The translation for SIN is “without”.

SIN is a preposition and my trusty Collins Spanish English dictionary gives three translations for SIN, but the one to retain for the Spanish student in the initial stages is “without”.

SIN has got nothing to do with the English word sin. It is interesting to record, however, that in the past a Cardinal of Manila in the Philippines was, in fact, called Cardinal Sin. ¿Interesante – no?

Here are some examples of the use of the word SIN

Agua sin gas – still water i.e. water without bubbles

¡Sin estudiar, aprendes nada! – without studying, you learn nothing!

Number 42 in the list then – it would be a sin not to know this Spanish monosyllable! Sorry – I could not resist it!

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