High Frequency Words in Spanish 37 – PORQUE


Porque is the thirty-seventh most common word in the Spanish language.

Porque without an accent means, quite simply, “because” in English.So this is one word in all – not two. This can cause confusion for foreigners writing in Spanish – porque, without an accent and only one word is not to confused with por qué (two separate words and with an accent on the qué) which means “why”. If it helps at all, I remember the por qué as a little translation “for what” i.e. why.

Porque, then, meaning “because” is a conjunction according to my trusty Collins English-Spanish dictionary.

For the sake of completeness, I will add that el porqué (one word, accent on the e) means the reason, that is to say that el porqué is a noun. Looking in the dictionary, I particularly like “no me interesan los porqués” – I am not interested in the whys and wherefores.

Here is an example of the use of porque –

No puedo estudiar porque tengo mucho tabajo en la oficina durante el día – I cannot work because I have too much work during the day.

The thirty-seventh most common word in the Spanish language is therefore a tale of accents and one words or two.

Remember – porque, no accent, one word,means because.

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