High Frequency Word in Spanish 36 – VER


VER is the thirty-sixth most common word in the Spanish Language.

It is a frequently used one syllable irregular verb. Yes – beneath its quiet and inoffensive exterior, VER has quite a punch. Yes it is deceptive, and it pays to get to know this verb well.

It means “to see” in simple terms. My Collins English – Spanish dictionary (and this time I have use the iPad app), has a whole myriad and list of shades of meaning, totalling up to some twenty in all.

Non Spanish speakers will be aware of the various irregular parts of the verb through well known films.

“Hasta la vista” for example – vista is noun which comes from the verb meaning sight. So this expression literally means “until the sight” i.e. until I see you again.

Hotel Buenavista – is a hotel with (hopefully) good views – or perhaps it might be a case for the lawyers and the trades descriptions act.

Here are some examples of the use of VER

“Cuánto tiempo sin verte” – how long since I have seen you i.e. I have not seen you for ages. Note that the word for you has been tacked on the end of the verb.

Voy a ver el castillo – I am going to see the castle.

So, there it is – number 36 in the top one hundred Spanish words. Know it, recognise it and get to know some of its irregularities.

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