High Frequency Word in Spanish 34 – ME


Me is the thirty-fourth most common word in the Spanish Language.

In my Collins English – Spanish dictionary, me is described as a personal pronoun and a reflexive pronoun.

And it is one of those words which is the same in English as it is in Spanish and is used in broadly similar ways.

This monosyllabic high frequency word in Spanish can be translated in slightly different ways and my Collins dictionary has about five or so different meanings. The essential meanings, however, are me or myself.

Here are a couple of examples of the use of me

me llamo – my name is (literally – I call myself)

me llamó – he / she / you called me

The above examples also illustrate how an accent on a word can vary the meaning – here from the first person singular present tense to the third person singular preterite (or past tense).

So, there it is me standing proudly at number 35 in the Spanish high frequency word list in all its monosyllabic glory!

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