High Frequency Word in Spanish 33 – SI


Si is thirty third most common word in the Spanish language.

It is also one of the words that most people recognise – even those who have never learned a word of Spanish.

This monosyllabic sibilant has two potential meanings in Spanish.

My Collins Spanish English dictionary gives quite a substantial write-up, with some ten differences of meaning and shades of meaning.

Si (without an accent) means “if”

 (with an accent) means “yes”.

Here are examples of the different uses of Si

Sí, señor – “yes, sir”

Si lo quieres – tómalo – If you like it, take it!

And, here is an example (with potential to confuse).

, sé que si significa “if” en inglés – Yes, I know that si means “if” in English.

What a short, sexy, and sibilant lexical item. Si or weighs in at number 33 in the top 100 Spanish words.

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