High Frequency Words in Spanish 31 – ESE


ESE is the thirty-first most common word in the Spanish language.

This is a short two-syllable demonstrative adjective. Strictly speaking, in grammatical terms, this is the masculine singular. It changes – ESA is the feminine, singular. ESOS is the masculine plural and ESAS is the feminine plural.

What does ESE mean? It means – “that”.

It contrasts with ESTE which means “this”. And, for the sake of completeness, I should also mention AQUEL which means “that, over there”. Notice that English has to add a couple of words because the language does not have the same concept as AQUEL.

But let’s get back to ESE.

Me gusta esa casa – I like that house.

Well, that’s number 31, as they say “in the can”. A frequently used word in Spanish, ESE and its various parts is well worth knowing.

As a former teacher of mine used to say – “know these little words and know ’em well”

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