High Frequency Words in Spanish 19 – LE


Le is the nineteenth most common word in the Spanish Language.

It is not to be confused with the French le. Le in French means “the”. Le in Spanish means “to him”, to “her” or “to you” depending on the context, i.e. the words and meanings around le.

Le is, in grammatical terms, an indirect personal pronoun.

This is another example of a one syllable word punching well above its apparent verbal weight in the Spanish top one hundred words.

My dictionary gives it a couple of meanings.

Here is an example of the use of le :-

Le hablo – I speak to him (or to her, or to you)

So there it is, a short crisp post for the nineteenth most common word in the Spanish language. Le is definitely a word to lock away and know if your intention is to get to grips with Spanish.

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