April revision – help needed?


It’s that time of year.

Stress levels rise. Tempers fray. Revision gets done …or not as the case may be.

GCSE SPANISH / “A” level Spanish – we’re here to help at Steven French Languages.

Online tuition can be a very effective way of easing those last minute nerves, especially when sixth form places or university places are at stake.

We are specialists in Spanish GCSE revision. Just get in contact and see if we can help. Online tuition is effective in so many different ways:-

  1. no time lost travelling
  2. tailored effective one on one lessons
  3. held at mutually convenient times.

The same comments, of course, apply to “A” level revision, both AS and A2 revision.

So, the best ways to get in contact are:-

  • by email stevenfrenchlanguages@googlemail.com
  • by text 44 7713 2525958
  • by speaking (!) on 44 7713 252 958

As a SPECIAL OFFER – the first one hour session is FREE. This offer lasts until the end of April.


Contact Steven French 44 7713 252958

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